Ph. D in Management


The doctoral degree (PhD) in Management at Anurag University covers a wide range of management-related topics including but not limited to Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Data Science, and General Management. The aim of the PhD program is to prepare students for a highly rewarding career in consulting, research, and academia.

The program is highly demanding and is done under the guidance of an experienced supervisor or a group of supervisors who mentor the scholar throughout the duration of the program. At Anurag University, a strong emphasis is laid on practical and relevant research that aims to improve the existing body of knowledge in the subject and contribute to the industry and society. Students have to undertake original research and are encouraged to contribute to the Institute while enriching themselves by attending various research seminars and conferences and publishing articles in reputed journals. The University provides students with the necessary infrastructure to undertake their research in the subject of their choice.

Outcome Based Education

1. The MBA Business Analytics program aims to prepare students to become competent professionals capable of solving complex business problems using analytical tools and techniques.
2. The program also aims to equip students with the necessary skills to effectively communicate their findings and recommendations to stakeholders.
3. To encourage students to become lifelong learners and pursue advanced degrees.
1. Apply knowledge of business analytics to solve complex business problems.
2. Utilize appropriate analytical tools and techniques to analyze business data.
3. Communicate effectively with stakeholders using data visualization and presentation techniques.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal issues related to business analytics.
5. Work effectively in teams to analyze and solve business problems.
1. Analyze and evaluate the performance of business organizations using financial and managerial accounting tools.
2. Develop and implement marketing strategies to achieve organizational objectives.
3. Use operations and supply chain management concepts to improve business processes and enhance productivity.

Research Areas

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • General management
  • Operations
  • Human Research Management


For Full-Time PhD scholars - 3 Years

For Part-Time PhD scholars - 4 Years


After being admitted to the program, the students are initially exposed to a wide variety of fundamental and elective courses in the research area of their choice, which forms the part of their pre-PhD work. Once students gain the necessary knowledge of the research process and the methodologies to carry out original research, they will have to submit a research proposal which is accepted by their mentor(s). Scholars can then start their research work and complete their tasks within the given time.

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