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Anurag University is keen on promoting the Research and Development activities. The University has established various Research Centers with the support of best-in-class Research Infrastructure which are being operated by subject matter experts. The Anurag University has ongoing academic and research collaborations with many national and international industries in order to keep pace with expanding frontiers of knowledge and global developments; it is also constantly in touch with national needs. The faculty, scholars and students are getting training on cutting edge of technology on a regular basis. Its pre-eminent position at the cutting-edge of research is reflected in its impressive list of research projects, which cater to both our national needs and global developments.

Research profile

The University has a strong track record in securing research funding, attracting nearly ₹8 crore through 34 ongoing and completed research grants. Our commitment to research excellence is reflected in our publication record. As of today, the University boasts over 1,100 research publications indexed in SCOPUS, with a healthy h-index of 32 and an i10-index of 251. This demonstrates the broad impact and frequent citation of our research. Furthermore, the University has been granted 11 patents, with an additional 59 patents filed or published, showcasing our ability to translate research into real-world applications. Looking ahead, the University remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fundamental research and developing innovative technologies that will shape the future.

Dean profile

Prof. Satheeskumaran holds the prestigious position of Dean of Research and Development at Anurag University, Hyderabad, India. He is also a professor in the ECE Department. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in teaching, industry, and research, his interests lie in signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, and digital healthcare. Dr. Satheeskumaran secured a research grant of 1.16 crores from the DST, Government of India, for the development of innovative programmable wood processing tools. Under his leadership, the ECE department of Anurag University secured 3 crores in funding from government agencies and established a research center in VLSI chip design. He has also secured private and seed funding from various agencies for research projects. Recognizing his exceptional research contributions, Dr. Satheeskumaran has been appointed as an editorial board member, guest editor, and volume editor for esteemed journals and conference proceedings published by renowned publishers such as Inderscience, Emerald, and Springer. His scholarly achievements include the publication of over 50 research papers in SCI/Scopus-indexed journals and well-regarded conferences. Beyond his role as an editor, he actively shares his expertise by serving as a keynote speaker, general chair, advisory committee member, and session chair for numerous international conferences organized by IEEE and Springer.

Message from Dean’s Desk

Research illuminates the path to a better world, empowering us to overcome obstacles and propel human progress. Our vision is to create an innovative research environment and startup ecosystem for tackling global challenges. Anurag University aims to be a premier research-oriented and innovation-driven university. Fostering a research culture requires a multifaceted approach that motivates the faculty and students, provides resources and support, and recognizes their contributions. It is necessary to create research infrastructure for interdisciplinary research, collaborative activities, and sponsored research. We strongly believe that creative thinking will be the foundation for this. Anurag University is keen on promoting Research and Development activities. To promote research activities, we have initiated a seed money scheme that provides financial assistance for high-quality publications. We have also established numerous research centers and centers of excellence to foster a culture of startups and innovation. We are confident that the university will achieve its ambitious research goals in due time.

Quality Policy

Anurag University is committed to the pursuit of excellence in research and aims to achieve international recognition through interdepartmental and inter-institutional collaborative research programs across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Agriculture, Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Pharmacy, Engineering, and Technology. We achieve this quality through the following initiatives:
  • Foster a culture of fundamental and applied research, developing innovative technologies for the future.
  • Equip students and scholars with strong technical expertise, interdisciplinary knowledge, and a foundation in human values and professional ethics, preparing them for global success.
  • Facilitate industry-institute collaboration to shape technical education that meets industry needs.
  • Provide a high-quality research training experience for students.
  • Encourage young faculty to pursue research by offering seed funding and other financial incentives.


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