Research Centers

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Research Centers

The aim of AU is to be premier research –oriented and innovation driven university. The AU strongly believes the stems for this will be in creative thinking. Henceforth, Research Centres are developed and made a part of each Department to give an opportunity to students, scholars and faculty members to participate in exciting research projects and also to facilitate multi-disciplinary research activities. The aim of these research centers at Anurag University is to nurture, promote research activities of global standards and disseminate research findings in high impact publications.

The following research centers were established

  1. Science and Technology Innovation Center ( STIC )
  2. Teaching and Learning Center ( TLC )
  3. Center for Training and Development in Advanced Technologies ( CTDAT )
  4. Centre for Advanced Computational Research (CACR)
  5. Centre for Advanced Mechanical Engineering Research (CAMER)
  6. Center for Power Electronics and Control
  7. Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies
  8. Center for Advanced Power System and Smart Grids(CAPSSG)
  9. Center for Development of Technical Competencies ( CDTC )
  10. Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  11. Center for Neuroscience
  12. Center for Nano Medicine
  13. Center for Instrumental Analysis
  14. Centre for Reaction Engineering
  15. Centre for Advanced process Simulation
  16. Centre for Waste Management
  17. Center for Structural Engineering
  18. Center for Geotechnical Engineering
  19. Center for Transportation Engineering


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Accreditation matters

Levels of quality varies greatly from an institution to the next. The sure way for an institution to meet the highest standard of education is by getting accredited.

140 India Rank

NAAC ‘A’ Accreditation

NBA Accreditation

UGC Autonomous

TCS Accreditation

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