Thrust areas of research

Department wise Thrust areas

S.No Name of Department/ Centre Few Major Thrust areas of Research
1 Artificial Intelligence Digital Image Processing, Security, Data Science, Data Mining, Wireless Sensor Network, Artificial Neural Network, IoT, Computer Vision and Machine Learning
2 Mechanical Engineering Design, Thermal, Manufacturing
3 Electronics & Communication Engineering Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Image Processing, , Embedded IOT , Machine Learning, VLSI Design, Data science, Nano Technology,
4 Civil Engineering Concrete Composites, Finite Element Method, Ground Water Hydrology, Geophysical Investigation, Aquifer properties, Structural Dynamics, Seismic Analysis and Design, Retrofiiting of Structures, Non Linear Analysis
5 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Power System and Advanced Control System, Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles, Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics, Power System Optimization, Renewable Energy Sources
6 Computer Science and Engineering Computer Vision, Character Recognition, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Security and Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Text Mining, Network Security, Internet of Things(IoT), Distributed Computing , Artificial Intelligence , Cloud Computing
7 Information Technology Data Engineering, Software Engineering, Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Network Security, Cryptography, Distributed Systems
8 Mathematics Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical modeling
9 Physics Biomaterials, materials science, Biophysics
10 Chemistry Nanomaterials, Materials Chemsitry, Energy conversion and storage system and Polymers, Nanophotonics, Catalysis, Heterocyclic chemistry
11 Pharmacy Nano Formulation Toxicological, Forced Degradation studies Drug Discovery, Analytical chemistry, Novel Drug delivery systems, Neuro Science Complications of Diabetes, Pharmacology
12 Data science Recommender Systems, Data Mining, Information Retrieval Systems, Machine Learning Computer Vision and Information Security
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