Digital Library

Digital Library area is equipped with 20 computers, video cassette recorders and CD Rom’s on a variety of topics including Engineering, Computers and Management . NPTEL videos lessons and SONET videos are also available.

Open Access Catalogue (OPAC) is extended to students through two Pentium Systems. The software used EZ Library, has developed Volksoft Technology. The Barcode Scanning facility at the library is on par with that of most modern libraries and it helps to keep track of issue and return of books. All library facilities, supported by expert assistance, are available for students and staff from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on all working days. Providing for full utilization of automation technology and for physical facilities and equipment adequate to process, catalogue and store the materials.

A closed circuit television (CCTV) facility monitors activities across the total library area.

Enhancing the library resources and services through cooperative relationship with other libraries.

The periodical section with 1200 over back volumes of Scientific and Technical Periodicals and Journals .it also subscribes to about 150 Journals and Magazines.

The reference section has over 9325 books, 2690 project reports and 4645 CDROM’s in various disciplines.

Digital Library:

  1. No. of Terminals : 20 P3 Systems
  2. Server : Two
  3. Connectivity : Internet Speed 10 Mbps
  4. No. of Journals Accessibility : 150 National and International Journals & Magazines

Library Services:

  1. Reference
  2. Internet & Intranet
  3. E-Mail Services
  4. E-Journals
  5. Reprography
  6. Inter Library Loan Services
  7. Book Lending Scheme
  8. Resource Sharing
  9. SC/ST Book Bank
  10. Project Reports

Quick Mail Search:

Two Systems are arranged in our library to enable our students to search their mail. This facility is being utilized by Pharmacy and P.G. college students in addition to our students.

Library Rules

  • Books are for use. Use them properly.
  • Library is a holy place of books, which is totally filled with full of knowledge. Always maintain silence in the library.
  • The security person at the library entrance will check all personal belongings.
  • Students & Faculty members are requested to sign in their respective Gate Registers.
  • Every student will be provided with 3 books for a maximum period of 15 days.
  • Every student should bring his/her identity card.
  • Library provides open access facility. Users are advised not to replace the books on shelves. They may leave the books on the table after their use. A book misplaced is a book lost.
  • Members can suggest publication for consideration, for inclusion in the library. Requisition form is available in the library.
  • Keep all the belongings in the property counter at the entrance and take only one note book (of loose sheets).
  • Files, bags, personal text books are not allowed inside the library. Please leave them at the property counter.
  • Membership privileges of user can be suspended on account of mis-behaviour with the library staff or for indecent manners.
  • The library cards are not transferable.