School of Pharmacy

Research Areas

Pharmaceuical Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Industrial Pharmacy
  • Clinical Research
S.No Financial Year Name of faculty Co-Ordinator Title of Research project Amount received (in Rupees) Scheme
1 2023-24 Dr.Vasudha Bakshi Enhancement of pharmacodynamic potential via receptor-targeted codelivery of Talazoparib and Docetaxel Nano-systems to suppress Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Progression: Implication analysis of formulation technologies, in-vitro and Pharmacokinetic aspects 29,50,000/- SERB POWER
2 2022-23 Dr. Krishna Prasad Neuroprotective effect Nigellidine in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus associated with Alzheimer’s Disease Rs.2,00,000/- SEED Project
3 2022-23 Dr. K Sunand Study of Novel Phytomolecules Alone and In Combination with Antidiabetic Agents to Ameliorate Diabetes-associated Alzheimer’s In Wistar Rats. Rs.2,00,000/- SEED Project
4 2022-23 Dr. D Mohanty Development Optimisation and Biological evaluation of Functionalized Drug loaded zinc oxide nano Particle for Breast cancer therapy Rs.2,00,000/- SEED Project
5 2022-23 Dr. Ananda Kumar Chettupalli An QBD Approach for Optimisation of vesicular Carrier for Brain Target through intranasal route of antipshychotic drugs Rs.2,00,000/- SEED Project
6 2022-23 Dr. B Hemanth Functional and molecular characterization of a mutation in a depalmitoylating enzyme ABHD17a that is protective against alzmeimers Disease 17,93,316/- SERB-Sire
7 2022-23 Madhuri R Ligand based design and synthesis of novel Tucatinib-MX106 derived hybrid analogues to target HER2 and Survivin dual inhibition via SMAC/DIABLO activation of caspases in therapeutic resistant advanced breast cancers: A new paradigm for targeted therapy. Rs45,04,400/-Sanctioned 15,01,500-First Year Grant DHR-Woman Scientist
8 2021-22 Dr.Vasudha Bakshi Molecular Docking Study and Synthesis of Novel Cytoxic Quinazoline Derivatives Rs.2,00,000/- SEED Project
9 2021-22 Dr. G Baba Shankar Rao Bio-guided Isolation and Evaluation of Novel Phytomolecules” for Anti-asthmatic activity from Galphimia glauca Cav. aerial parts employing Customized Fabricated Extractor Rs.2,00,000/- SEED Project
10 2021-22 Dr.Jagatram Bhavani Vasudha Combating EGFR and HER2 associated multidrug resistance with novel terazosin analogues in metastatic breast cancers: Exploring drug repurposing to fulfill an unmet need in breast cancer treatment” Rs.11,65,290/- (sanctioned: 45,89,235/-) DHR
11 2019-20 Dr.Vasudha Bavani Design And Development Of Nose-To-Brain Drug Delivery Systems Rs.19,92,389/- (sanctioned: 20,22,730/-) AICTE RPS
12 2018-19 Dr.Kiran Gangarapu Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Monocarboxylate Transporter Inhibitors as Novel Anticancer Agents Rs.8,00,000/- (sanctioned: 10,00,000/-) AICTE MODROBS

Consultancy Projects

S.No Financial Year Name of faculty (Chief Consultant) Client Organization Title of Consultancy of project Amount received (in Rupees)
1 2021-22 Dr.Vasudha Bakshi Nuvistas Laboratories Immuno Modulatory activity and anti-activity alongwith toxicity studies of the given plant extracts 1,80,000/-
Dr.Akiful Haque Aptus Therapeutics Development and Evaluation of Topical gel aswell as Niosomal gel of selected drugs 2,20,000/-
2 2020-21 Dr A Madhu Babu S N Pharma Docking and Anti tumor activities of Plant constituents 2,50,000/-
Dr B Vasudha Green Evolution Laboratories Isolation and Evaluation of Anti-Diabetic acitivity of Plant constituents 2,00,000/-
3 2019-20 1. Dr. Akiful Haque Clintech Solutions Preparation and Evaluation of Anti Diabetic Drug Loaded Nano Particles Rs.3,00,000/-
2. Dr.A.Madhu Babu Syndy Pharma Anti Dandruff Gel Preparations from Natural Products Rs.3,00,000/-
4 2018-19 1. Dr.B.Vasudha Green Evoluation Laboratories Synthesis and Characterization of Natural Products – Anacardic Acid Rs.1,80,000/-
2. Dr.A.Madhu Babu S.N.Pharma Formulation Development and Characterization of Novel Ethosomes Rs.2,50,000/-
5 2017-18 1. Dr.B.Vasudha Innosyn Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd. Antimicrobial Studies for the Biogensis of Rafamycyns Rs.80,000/-
2.Dr.B.Vasudha Green Evaluation Laboratories Screening of Compounds for Anti-inflamatory Activities Rs.35,000/-

Faculty Guiding Ph.D

S.No Name of the faculty Research Students
1 Dr.Vasudha Bakshi 8
2 Dr. G.Kiran 5
3 Dr.Akiful Haque 5
4 Dr.M.Ram Mohan 3
5 Dr. D.Krishna Prasad 4
6 Dr.G.Baba Shaker Rao 1
7 Dr. Jainendra Kumar B. 1
8 Dr.Ch.Ananda Kumar 1
9 Dr.D.Sireesha 1
10 Dr.D.Mohanty 1
11 Dr.B.Hemanth Kumar 1

Faculty Pursuing Ph.D

S.No Name of the faculty Area of research Name of the University
1 A. Teja Sri Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking VISTAS
2 J.Rajendra Kumar Gastroretentive drug delivery systems Osmania University
3 B.Nirosha Nano drug delivery system Anurag University
4 D.K.Shanthi Priya Analytical method development and validation of selected drugs by HPLC and lcms/ms methods Gitam University
5 K. Mounika Novel drug delivery, targated drug delivery Annamalai Univeristy
6 V Rajeshwar Self nano emulsifying drug delivery systems Jaipur national university
7 P.Himabindu Nanovesicular elastic carriers for treatment of hypertension. GITAM deemeed to be University
8 G.Rajeev Kumar Assessment of Quality of Life After Novel Coronavirus nfection (COVID-19) and an empirical study on safety of Novel COVID-19 vaccines based on various Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) Anurag University
9 P.Venkateswara Rao Pharmacological screening of novel phytomolecules Anurag University
10 T.Maneswar Design, Microwave assisted synthesis and pharmacological screening of novel azole moities Anurag University
11 B.Ramudu Inflammation and Neurological disorder Anurag University
12 A.Ramgopal Design and synthesis of novel trisubstituted triazolo quinazolinone analogues as promising antimicrobial and anti-tubercular agents Osmania University
13 D. Lavanya Forced drug degradation studies Anurag University
14 Bushra Fathima Nano formulation's Anurag University
15 Syed Fatima Jabeen Neuroprotective activity of novel compounds in Diabetes associated Alzheimers disease Anurag University
16 Sai Charan Pharmaceutical Analysis Anurag University
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