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About the Department

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 2002, and it has always embraced the institute’s vision of pursuing excellence in its teaching and research endeavors. Throughout the years, the department has grown into one that delivers outstanding teaching and research in Mathematics. The department’s cutting-edge research topics include Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element and Difference Methods, Operation Research.


To develop an international reputation as a hub of excellence that allows and empowers students to utilise mathematical concepts in constructing and evaluating mathematical models associated with mathematical and computational research, training, and education besides fostering mathematical thinking so that pupils can face the complex technical and social challenges and respond to them morally and ethically, in order bring about advancements in science and technology to meet the demands of industry and society.


1. To offer a learning environment that attracts motivated and skilled students in which students would acquire the mathematical and computational abilities necessary to create and solve real-world issues by enhancing their academic standards via state of the art teaching and learning techniques while keeping up with quick technological improvements.
2.  To establish the atmosphere that promotes outstanding research and educates principled, highly-skilled scientists and engineers who are equipped to address the dynamic challenges of engineering and science.

Highlights of the Department

  • A thriving academic environment.
  • Engineering application-oriented course delivery.
  • Using software tools like MATLAB.
  • Highly-qualified, devoted, and immensely Faculty.
  • Interaction with subject-matter experts via lectures and workshops.



S.No Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao Ph.D Professor
2 Dr. K. Shiva Reddy Ph.D Professor
3 Dr. Y. Dharmendar Reddy Ph.D Associate Professor
4 Dr. G. Ranjith Kumar Ph.D Associate Professor
5 Dr. P. Mangathai Ph.D Associate Professor
6 Dr. K. Ramesh Ph. D Associate Professor
7 Dr. M. Anil Kumar Ph.D Assistant Professor
8 Dr. K. Madhusudhan Reddy Ph.D Assistant Professor
9 Dr. D. Manohar Ph. D Assistant Professor
10 Dr. K. Venkateshwarlu Ph. D Assistant Professor
11 Mr. V. B. Srinivas M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
12 Mrs. P. Sireesha Devi M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
13 Mr. S. Hari Prasad M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
14 Mr. N. Venkatesh M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
15 Mr. P. Ashok M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
16 Mr. N. Kiran M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
17 Mr. V. Naga Raju M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
18 Mr. M. Satish M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
19 Mr. Dundi Sarath Sen Reddy M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
20 Mr. Y. Narsi Reddy M. Sc, (Ph. D) Assistant Professor
21 Mrs. M. Lavanya M. Sc Assistant Professor
22 Mrs. G. Mamatha M. Sc Assistant Professor
23 Ms. P. Gouri Priya M. Sc Assistant Professor
24 Mrs. Penugonda Swapna M. Sc Assistant Professor
25 Mr. Javini Govardhan Reddy M. Sc Associate Professor
26 Mrs. Mandala Parthi Nagalakshmi Anuradha M. Sc Assistant Professor

Board of Studies

Prof. D. Srinivasa Charya

Professor, Member

Dr. B. Ravindra Reddy

Associate Professor, Member

Prof. A. Ramu

Professor, Member

Dr. A. Laxminarayana

Head & Professor, Member

Dr. B. Srivathsa

Additional Director, Member

Dr. K. Shiva Reddy

HOD & Professor, Member

Dr. Y. Dharmendar Reddy

Assoc. Professor, Member

Dr. K. Ramesh

Assoc. Professor, Member

Mr. N. Kiran

Asst. Professor, Member

Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao

Professor, Member

Functions of the Board of Studies

The functions of the Board of Studies are to make recommendations to the Academic Council on to:

  • Prepare syllabi of different Programs / Courses of the department.
  • Review / Revise / update / Restructure the contents of the syllabi from time to time.
  • Suggest / Recommend latest Program / Courses of study in a specified field.
  • The Board of Studies shall be constituted for a period of three Years.
  • The meetings of the Board of Studies shall be arranged at least once in a year.


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Academic Facilities
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