Department of Mathematics


Academic Year Web of Science (SCI, SCIE) Scopus Total
2021-22 38 13 51
2020-21 22 25 47
2019-20 9 22 31
2018-19 8 4 12
2017-18 4 6 10
2016-17 13 18 31
2015-16 6 13 19
2014-15 2 9 11
2013-14 0 13 13
2012-13 1 5 6
2 6 8
2010-11 4 4 8
Total 109 138 247

Faculty Pursuing Ph.D

S. No Resarch Scholar University Status
1 Mr. S. Hari Prasad JNTU, Hyderabad Thesis Submitted
2 Mr. V. B. Srinivas Dravidian University Waiting for final Viva
3 Mrs. P. Sireesha Devi JNTU, Hyderabad RRM-1, RRM-II Completed
4 Mr. N. Venkatesh GITAM, Hyderabad Completed Pre Ph.D
5 Mr. P. Ashok GITAM, Hyderabad Completed Pre Ph.D
6 Mr. N. Kiran GITAM, Hyderabad Completed Pre Ph.D
7 Mr. V. Naga Raju KL University, Vijayawada Thesis Submitted
8 Mr. M. Sathish JNTU Hyderabad (2021) Course work is in progress

Faculty Guiding Ph.D

S. No Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholar Year of Registration Year of Award
1 Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao N. Nagi Reddy (JNTUH) 2016 In Progress
P. Chandrakala 2022 In Progress
A. Prashanth 2022 In Progress
2 Dr. K. Shiva Reddy K. Bhagya Laxmi 2021 In Progress
3 Dr. Y Dharmendar Reddy I. Mangamma 2022 In progress

Research Areas

S. No Name of The Faculty Designation Research Areas
1 Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao Professor Fluid Dynamics
2 Dr. K. Shiva Reddy Professor Mathematical Modeling in Biology and Epidemiology.
3 Dr. Y. Dharmendar Reddy Assoc. Prof. Fluid Dynamics
4 Dr. G. Ranjith Kumar Assoc. Prof. Mathematical Ecology and Eco-Epidemiology.
5 Dr. P. Mangathai Assoc. Prof. Fluid Dynamics
6 Dr. K. Ramesh Assoc. Prof. Three Body Scattering problem, Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems, Dynamic optimization
7 Dr. M. Anil Kumar Asst. Prof. Fluid Dynamics
8 Dr. K. Madhusudhan Reddy Asst. Prof. Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Techniques and Numerical methods.
9 Dr. D. Manohar Asst. Prof. Time Series Analysis, Queuing Theory and Optimization Techniques
10 Dr. K. Venkateshwarlu Asst. Prof. Computational fluid dynamics and root finding methods.
11 Mr. V. B. Srinivas Asst. Prof. Architectures for Multiplication in Galois Rings
12 Mrs. P. Sireesha Devi Asst. Prof. Mathematical Biology, Operations Research
13 Mr. S. Hari Prasad Asst. Prof. Mathematical Ecology and Eco-Epidemiology
14 Mr. N. Venkatesh Asst. Prof. Numerical Techniques to solve heat and mass transfer fluid flow problems
15 Mr. P. Ashok Asst. Prof. Queuing theory and Optimization Techniques.
16 Mr. N. Kiran Asst. Prof. Time Series Analysis, Statistical Modeling
17 Mr. V. Naga Raju Asst. Prof.
18 Mr. M. Satish Asst. Prof.
19 Mr. Dundi Sarath Sen Reddy Asst. Prof. Game Theory
20 Mr. Y. Narsi Reddy Asst. Prof.
21 Mrs. M. Lavanya Asst. Prof.
22 Mrs. G. Mamatha Asst. Prof.
23 Ms. P. Gouri Priya Asst. Prof.
24 Mrs. Penugonda Swapna Asst. Prof.
25 Mr. Javini Govardhan Reddy Asst. Prof.
26 Mrs. Mandala Parthi Nagalakshmi Anuradha Asst. Prof.

Funding Projects

S. No Name of the Principal investigator Project Title Amount Sanctioned Year of Sanction Duration (Years) Funding Agency
1 Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao Numerical Solution to Heat and Mass Transfer Problems 3.75 Lakhs 2014 2 UGC
2 Dr. K. Shiva Reddy Stability analysis of various delayed and stochastic ecological models 3.00 Lakhs 2014 2 UGC
3 Dr. Y. Dharmendar Reddy Impact of Flow parameters on Flow Field in Heat and Mass Transfer Problems – A Numerical Technique Approach. 3.00 Lakhs 2014 2 UGC
4 Dr. K. Shiva Reddy Co-PI Dynamic of certain nonlinear systems in Epidemiology 2.00 Lakhs 2019 1 TEQIP-III,JNTUH
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