Civil Engineering


Academic Year WOS / SCI Scopus UGC Total
2021-22 2 8 3 13
2020-21 1 4 2 7
2019-20 1 4 18 23
2018-19 1 3 6 10
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1 2023 - 2024 7 Click Here
2 2022 - 2023 7 Click Here
3 2021 - 2022 9 Click Here
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Research Areas

S.No Research Areas
1 Seismic analysis of structures
2 Infiltration studies Rainfall – Run off modelling
3 Structural Health Monitoring
4 Investigations on Soil Structure Interaction
5 Intelligent transportation systems
6 Heritage Lime mortars
7 Sustainable Materials in Construction
8 Low carbon cements
9 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Special Concretes
10 Applications of Building Information Modelling (BIM)
11 Soil stabilization utilizing various industrial wastes
12 Accident studies & Analysis
13 Road Safety and Simulation
14 GIS, and GPS applications in Transportation Engineering
S.NoNameDesignationResearch Areas
1Dr. K. Madhusudan ReddyAssoc. Prof. & HeadPile Foundations,Slope Stability,Ground Improvement,Site Investigations,Soil Structure Interaction.
2Dr. K. R. C. ReddyProfessorFinite Element method, Wind Engineering, Chimneys, Seismic analysis of structures, Structural optimization and vibration control, Fiber reinforced concrete.
3Dr. G. Venkata RaoProfessorInfiltration studies,Rainfall – Run off modeling,Future predication of ground water levels,Salt water intrusion along the coastal belt,Studies on geophysical investigation,Study of land use land cover changes due to developments,Identify reasons for ground water depletion and recharge techniques,Effects of Urbanization on ground water levels,Develop a relation between direct runoff and infiltrated water,Estimation of ground water velocity and direction.
4Dr. K. RamanjaneyuluProfessorSeismic upgradation and retrofitting of deficient and distressed beam-column sub-assemblages,Fatigue life assessment and enhancement of shear and flexure deficient RC members,Hybrid steel fibre reinforced concrete (HSFRC) for retrofitting,Segmental concrete composite slabs with truss type shear connectors,Composite bridge girders with corrugated steel webs,Performance evaluation and structural health assessment of bridges,Natural Draught cooling tower shells and Chimneys,Sustainable materials and structures.
5Dr. B. NarenderAssoc. Prof.Seismic Risk Assessment of Existing structures, Retrofitting of Existing structures, Seismic Hazard Analysis, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Seismic Analysis and Design of High Rise building, Numerical simulation of RC Buildings, Structural Health Monitoring of Structure
6Dr. P. Pradeep KumarAssoc. Prof.Geotechnical Engineering
7Dr. SadgunaNuliAssoc. Prof.Traffic flow modeling,Traffic signal control systems,Intelligent transportation systems,Road safety.
8Dr. K. J. N. Sai NiteshAssistant ProfessorSelf-compacted concrete, Torsional behavior , Recycled aggregate, Fiber reinforced concrete
9Dr. Radhika K. SAssistant ProfessorStructural health monitoring,Fiber reinforced concrete,Damage assessment of reinforced concrete beams and Retrofitting structures.
10Dr. Sambit Kumar BeuraAssistant ProfessorTransportation planning and policy, Traffic flow modeling and simulation, Travel management, Driver behavior, Safety Assessment, Non-motorized modes of transportation
11Dr. Hemanth Kumar ChinthapalliAssistant ProfessorStructural Fire Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Post-earthquake fire. Multi hazards Engineering.
12Dr. Naveen Kumar ChaturvediAssistant ProfessorAdvanced Oxidation Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment,Biological Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment,Air Noise and Solid Waste management,Environmental Management and EIA. Industrial Waste Treatment,Solid and Hazardous Waste Management,Environmental Biotechnology,Energy, Environment and Climate Change.
13Mr. K. SaiBaba (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorSustainable materials, Composite Structures, Alkali Activated Concrete
14Mr. R. Sreenu (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorDesign of Beam Column Joints under Repeated loading, Analysis and Design of Multistoried Buildings under Seismic and Blast loadings
15Mr. K. Hazarath (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorRepairs, rehabilitation And Maintenance of concrete structures, Analysis and design of concrete structures, Engineering materials.
16Mrs. D. Sruthilaya (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorLean management, Building information modeling, Complexities in infrastructure, Risk management, Materials in civil engineering
17Mr. B. C. S. ReddyAssistant ProfessorMaterials in civil engineering, Pedestrian Crossing behavior at uncontrolled intersections
18Mrs. M. Sravanthi (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorConcrete and Masonry Structures, Fiber-reinforced Concrete, Fiber reinforced concrete for improving the ductility and load carrying capacity of concrete, Behavior of high strength steel sections, Composite (steel-concrete) construction, Analysis of parallel flange beam (PFB) structural steel section
19Mr. V. NaveenAssistant ProfessorSeismic Behaviour and Design of structures on Sloping Ground, Analysis & Design of Structures, Floating Houses, Large Span Cantilever Structures, Remote sensing and GIS
20Mr. M. MadhukarAssistant ProfessorMaterials in civil engineering, High strength concrete, Geopolymer concrete, Strength and Durability properties of fiber reinforced concrete
21Mr. T. NagaPurna Chandan (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorFinite Element Modeling and Analysis, Seismic hazard and risk analysis
22Mrs. D. Rajitha (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorEconomic Minerals Identification and exploration, Remote Sensing and Hydrology.
23Mr. P. Nagesh (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorSoil stabilization utilizing various industrial wastes and their interaction with the clay environment, Application of eco-friendly biological processes in altering the behavior of natural geological materials particularly using the technique termed as Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP), Numerical modelling of geotechnical problems especially using finite difference schemes.
24Mr. K. Sunil.Kumar (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorNon-Destructive Testing – Ground Penetrating Radar, Fiber Reinforced Concrete and analysis.
25Mrs. R. MoulikaAssistant ProfessorDevelopment of introducing various modern construction materials in the field of Civil Engineering, Analyzing such structures using Time History and Response Spectrum Factor.
26Mr. R. Sai Kiran (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorCorrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete, Composite Structures.
27Mr. Sreenivasa Prasad Joshi (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorMaterial properties of concrete and shear transfer mechanism in Reinforced Concrete Beams, Self-compaction of concrete with pozzolanic materials with addition of super plasticizers.
28Mr. B. Parameshwar (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorGeotechnical Engineering
29Mr. D. Maheswara Reddy (Ph.D)Assistant ProfessorAccident studies & Analysis , Traffic Operation and Management, Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Modelling and Simulation, Transportation Systems Planning, Design and Operation, Public Transportation and Sustainable Transportation, Road Safety and Simulation, Highway Capacity and Level of Service, GIS and GPS applications in Transportation Engineering, Pedestrian Flow Modelling and Facility Design, Road Safety, Pedestrians and Motorists.
30Mr. M. Venkata Kamal LalAssistant ProfessorScouring, Modified bridge piers (Modeling and Experimentation), Hydrology, Hydraulics, Urban flood management, Storm water management
31Mr.Kaipa Kiran Kumar ReddyAssistant ProfessorEarthquake Engineering, Seismic Performance of Buildings
32Mrs.Vaishalidevi MengananiAssistant ProfessorDesign and Analysis of Multistoried Buildings subjected to seismic loads.
33Mr. Kothapally Prabhakar RaoAssistant ProfessorDesign and Analysis of RC Buildings subjected to Blast Loading.
34Mr. Manne SashivardhanAssistant ProfessorGeo polymer Concrete
35Mr. Manchikatla Shiva KrishnaAssistant ProfessorDesign and Analysis of Multistoried Buildings subjected to seismic and wind loads.
36Mr. M Sai VikramAssistant ProfessorHigh Way Engineering
37Mr.Poorna Chander .PAssistant ProfessorTransportation Engineering
38Mr.G.Jankiram GoudAssistant ProfessorDesign and Analysis of RC soft story Buildings subjected various load combinations.

Supervisors and Scholars

S.NO Name of the Supervisor & Designation / Date of Recognition Area of Interest & Specialization Name of the scholar H.T. No. & PhD Batch
1 Dr. K.R.C.Reddy, Professor Concrete Composites, Finite Element Module, Tuned mass dampers in Structural Engineering I V Ranga Ramanujam 20EG301101, (Jan-2021)
A.Bhaskar 21EG301101, (Nov-2021)
B.Shiva Kishan Rao 23EG301A01, (Apr-2023)
Kiran Kumar Resham 23EG301A02, (Apr-2023)
R.Bhavana 21EG301104, (Nov-2021)
Y. Varun Kumar 21EG301102, (Nov-2021)
R.Saikiran 20EG301103 (Jan-2021)
2 Dr.G.Venkat Rao, Professor Ground Water Hydrology, Surface Runoff, Geophysical Investigation, Aquifer properties S.T.Vijaya Sharada 21EG301105, (Nov-2021)
3 Dr. B.Narender, Associate Professor Structural Dynamics,Finite Element Method, Seismic Analysis and Design of High Rise Building, Seismic Evaluation of Structure, Retrofiiting of Structures, Non Linear Analysis, Seismic hazard Analysis N.Srihari Rao 20EG301105, (Jan-2021)
Kuruva Venkatesh 21EG301103, (Nov-2021)
4 Dr.P.PradeepKumar, Associate Professor Sthocastic Analysis, Soil Structure interaction, Finite Element Analysis, Numerical Modelling Parameshwar B 20EG301104, (Jan-2021)
Poola Nagesh 20EG301102, (Jan-2021)

Research and Projects

Experimental Study on Analysis of Beam Column Joints subjected to Quasi Static Loading
Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and the Environment

Grants and Consultancy

S.NO Program Amount Year
1 GHMC works 3rd Party Quality Assurance ,Hyderabad 1 Crore 2018-2021

Faculty Pursuing Ph.D

S. No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Mr. K. SaiBaba Asst. Prof.
2 Mr. R. Sreenu Asst. Prof.
3 Mr. K. Hazarath Asst. Prof.
4 Mrs. D. Sruthilaya Asst. Prof.
5 Mr. B. C. S. Reddy Asst. Prof.
6 Mrs. M. Sravanthi Asst. Prof.
7 Mr. T. NagaPurna Chandan Asst. Prof.
8 Mrs. D. Rajitha Asst. Prof.
9 Mr. P. Nagesh Asst. Prof.
10 Mr. K. Sunil.Kumar Asst. Prof.
11 Mr. R. Sai Kiran Asst. Prof.
12 Mr. Sreenivasa Prasad Joshi Asst. Prof.
13 Mr. B. Parameshwar Asst. Prof.
14 Mr. D. Maheswara Reddy Asst. Prof.

Faculty Guiding Ph.D

S. No Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholar Year of Registration Year of Award
1 Prof. K. R. C. Reddy I V Ranga Ramanujam Feb 2021 In Progress
A. Bhaskar Nov 2021 In Progress
2 Prof. G.Venkata rao S. T. Vijaya Sarada Nov 2021 In Progress
3 Prof. K. Ramanjaneyulu R. Bhavana Nov 2021 In Progress
4 Dr.B.NARENDER Kuruva Venkatesh Nov 2021 In Progress
N.Srihari Rao Feb 2021 In Progress
5 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Parameshwar B Feb 2021 In Progress
Poola Nagesh Feb 2021 In Progress
6 Dr. Sai Nitesh Rachamalla Sai Kiran Feb 2021 In Progress
7 Dr. Radhika K. S. Y Varun Kumar Nov 2021 In Progress
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