7 Important Things to Consider to Plan a Career After Engineering

Engineering is a field that quite a lot of Indian students wish to pursue as a career post 12th standard. This directly leads to a significant increase in competition for a successful career in the field or for a quick rise in the corporate ladder. Thus, engineering aspirants should have a roadmap as to what to do and consider planning a career after engineering.

Getting admission into a good B.Tech college is preferred as exposure to the industry and proper guidance helps a lot in choosing fields. Anurag University, a reputed institute in Telangana, provides B.Tech admissions in Hyderabad at affordable fees and helps secure a bright future for the B.Tech aspirants through their program that provides its students world-class exposure to engineering industry.

One should have a clear choice on the field they want to specialize in or have a job by the time they end their B. Tech degree so as to know future career options and have an idea as to where they would see themselves in the next 5-10 years. The field could be Computer science or Information Technology, which are favorites of the youth today or something traditional like electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. It all depends on the individual choices.

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Good marks should be the first priority for every engineering student keeping in mind the tremendous competition as marks are something that one can plan to gather as per their potential. Having a good time in college life, especially in the top-notch fests conducted by various engineering colleges in Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and other metropolitan is something everyone aspires but at the same time, one must not let their marks get affected in many ways as backlogs or drops affect one’s career in more severe ways than they can imagine. A CGPA of 9 points or more is considered a very good score that needs to be maintained throughout the semesters to be ahead of the lot.


Good exposure to the industry, as stated before, is a necessity for having a clear idea of whether one’s choice of field aligns with the daily operations of the field in the industry. An internship from reputed PSUs or other well-renowned private companies helps provide just that. One must try their best to stay committed to the organization during their internship and endure the hardships as this would help them a lot in the future.

A well-built Curriculum Vitae (CV) that showcases strong interests, achievements and commitment and loyalty, and participation. Proper CV building right from their B.Tech admission till they pass out helps in getting a good job through placements. Even if they opt for an M.Tech degree or any other higher study option later, timely updating of the CV would help them as at one point or the other, they would look for a job, and more educational qualifications, as well as extensive participation in co-curricular activities like a charity drive for an NGO or even college activities, would help them gain an edge over several other aspirants.

Placements are something that every engineering student must take seriously, doesn’t matter if they are willing to take a job or are opting for further studies as the experience one gathers from sitting in the placements and facing the heat from HR employees of various companies helps them prepare for a lot of interviews in the near future as the students start getting an idea of the wide variety of questions asked by job interviewers which could be related to the curriculum, to current affairs or even for confidence testing of the interviewees. As there is a lot of competition in the various engineering fields, and jobs are limited, good preparation for the placements is a must.

As the 4-year long course post-B.Tech admissions get closer to its end, one must have clarity on various options for the future, be it M.Tech, MBA, a combination of both, becoming an entrepreneur, and having a startup. Proper knowledge of various paths post engineering would help select the best one as per one’s suitability to build a prosperous career.

It is well said that “One’s mind is working at its best when they are paranoid. They then explore every avenue and possibility of the situation at high speed and with total clarity”. Thus, while studying B.Tech, one must keep in mind to prepare properly for the future so as to have a prosperous future, and it all starts with choosing the right engineering colleges and the right fields. Anurag University, a leading university in Hyderabad, provides high-quality graduate, postgraduate and doctoral education in engineering. Ranked 61st for private engineering by Times 2019 and spread over 50 acres, the campus is one the best in terms of infrastructure, education, and placements in Hyderabad. For more information regarding admissions or any other inquiry, send an e-mail to [email protected] or feel free to call at 8181057057.

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