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Studying abroad is a dream that has crossed the minds of lots of Indian students. They spend day and night devotedly looking for Universities and courses, preparing for tests, and reading up on the visa rules and application procedures. Unfortunately, not many of them fulfill their dream, though they meet the educational requirements and clear the required tests. So imagine their disappointment when their application is rejected. Of course, documentation is equally important, but sadly, the lack of appropriate documentation is one of the main reasons for the rejection of many applications. But thanks to studying abroad consultants who help students fulfil their dreams of overseas education, you can be one step closer to achieving your goal. With the right help, students with average academic grades can also find themselves in their dream University in Hyderabad.

Stuzee, a product of Hamzek Solutions, was jointly founded by Jaiwant Mane and Anurag Palla; the latter is one of the trustees of Anurag University. The duo undertook this initiative to help more Indian students to turn their dream of an overseas education into reality.

Why Stuzee?

Right from helping you find universities offering your desired course to funding your tickets and getting your visa and other documents in place, Stuzee is your go-to consultant. It is one of the best study abroad consultants based in Hyderabad, founded by two friends who have experienced the life-changing benefits of studying abroad and made it their mission to help students realize their overseas education dream. Applying through such consultants improves the students’ chances of being accepted and protects them from falling prey to fraud. Here are a few of the services offered

Career Counselling & Guidance

Career Counselling
The choice of a career decides the rest of your life and where you will study. The number of opportunities available can be genuinely baffling if you haven’t already made up your mind. Career counsellors and guides from the best study abroad consultants can help you by giving you an idea of courses offered by various universities and the right time and procedure to apply. They provide a clear view of the pros and cons of different approaches, which University could be the best for you, and the various tests you may need to take up and other qualifications required to ensure your place in your dream University.

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University Recommendations

university recomendationsIf you already have your path set, you need to know the universities which offer you the best package. Stuzee helps the students to pick their University in the country of their choice to pursue their education. They also estimate the fee package, visa and accommodation charges, and other relevant information about the country or University, enabling students to figure out the most affordable package. By providing a comparative analysis of various Universities worldwide, these consultants can help you make the best choice.


Documentation & Admissions



With help from abroad study consultants like Stuzee, you can improve your chances of being accepted and get professional help in getting your documents and other paperwork. They can make your application more presentable in a way that considerably raises your stakes. They also take care of the admission procedure at the University of your choice by ensuring the timely submission of the documents and application.



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Visa Guidance

visa guidance

Visa application and related procedures could be a massive headache if not done right. This is where many students with perfect grades and academic qualifications may get their applications rejected. Different countries have different rules. The presence of consultants with experience in overseas education makes Stuzee the best study abroad consultant. By enlisting their help, you are provided with information on the current visa rules in different countries, which could help you avoid applicants’ common mistakes that result in visa rejection.


Travel Assistance

travel assistance

Once your visa and admission are in place, all you need to do is travel to the country of your choice. But this could also pose a problem. Many students fall prey to fraud by approaching travel agencies that lack authenticity. But this could also be taken care of by your abroad consultant. They can book your tickets for a convenient date and ensure that your travel documents are in place. They could also help you get in touch with good travel agencies that offer an affordable travel package.


Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance

Apart from improper documentation, one of the reasons students are forced to let go of their goal is the lack of financial support. Often, they are unaware of the possibility of a scholarship that could help them get through. Approaching study abroad consultants can be a massive help as they can look up Universities that offer scholarships and grants to their students, allowing you to choose the right place.

University  Co-ordination

Studying in a new country, as exciting as it sounds, could also be terrifying. Going to a country for the first time, not knowing the people and culture, could make you feel out of place. Without the right guidance, you would feel lost. The contact with various Universities abroad helps Stuzee to coordinate with them seamlessly. They can get your accommodation and other facilities in place by the time you reach, making you feel comfortable.

So if you have been considering overseas education, don’t give up on your dream yet. At Stuzee, you can find the best study abroad consultants who will help you at every step of the way. Once you start studying abroad, you will feel the difference it has brought into your life. In addition to achieving your goal, you would also appreciate the benefits of becoming a global citizen and the exposure you receive. With the right help, overseas education could be more than a dream for many students. Got your visa rejected once? Don’t worry. You now know exactly what went wrong. Next time, approach an abroad consultant like Stuzee and try again. You are just one step away from turning your dream into a reality.

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