Skills are a very important aspect for any student for prosperous career growth in any field, irrespective of whether it is engineering or not, and during the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of skills has increased manifolds, and top engineering colleges In India and across the globe are paying attention to the ways of improving the skill set of the students. Some of the many skills to learn in 2021 for engineering students are as follows:

  • Engineering students can improve their soft skills or enhance their technical skills by doing long-distance courses offered by the best universities in Hyderabad.
  • Soft skills include communication skills, project management, teamwork, creativity, interpersonal skills, etc. In times of pandemic, enhancing soft skills like teamwork and leadership qualities is not easy, but in the end, they prove to be the difference that the recruiters point out. At such times, one can join courses to learn a new language which they can also showcase on their CV’s or even join programs to improve communication and interpersonal skills offered by several colleges.               
  • The technical skill set is what one gains from exposure to the practical and theory knowledge shared by the faculty during the 4 year B.Tech course and their exposure to the industry during their internships. Other than that, technical skill sets can also include gaining knowledge across the branches of engineering, for example- a chemical engineering student learning video editing.

This may not be as useful to the student as video editing isn’t a part of the basic and most important skill sets that are required for a chemical engineer, but in modern times, when there is a lot of competition for jobs, even such skills can make recruiters think that the applicant has the edge over others.

  • Industry skills are something that varies from branch to branch in engineering. The engineering course offered by Anurag University is at par with the courses offered by top engineering courses offered in Hyderabad as their focus is on enhancing industrial skills for its students. It refers to the skillset that a student requires of any branch to have a job in the field.
  • Mechanical Engineering– Having knowledge of materials of what materials are used in making a plane engine, the importance of aerodynamics in F1 cars is a necessity for mechanical students, but mastery over AutoCAD software (a 3-D modeling software) is something that a mechanical engineer can acquire by joining courses for it and thus enhance their skillset.
  • Computer Science Engineering– A computer science student is taught about programming languages and coding in their 4 year long B.Tech course, but they can learn additional coding languages in their free time to be a step ahead of their batchmates. For example, a college might teach java or C++ ( programming languages), a student can additionally learn python to have additional knowledge of some other language which isn’t a part of their curriculum because such extensive knowledge helps enhance CV and, in retrospect, also helps catch the eye of the recruiter and opens routes to more variety of jobs.
  • Electrical Engineering – There are a lot of skills that an electrical engineer can learn, like circuit designing, application of linear systems theory and analysis, electronic equipment maintenance, etc. They can also try and gain mastery over softwares like MATLAB (software for numerical computing) or Simulink (Graphical User Interface based software for dynamic system simulation).
  •  Aeronautical Engineering – Aeronautical engineers can specialize in designing different types of products like commercial airplanes, helicopters, F1 cars, etc. An aeronautical engineer can join advanced mathematical courses to increase proficiency in mathematics, which has great importance in an Aeronautical engineer’s life.
  • Civil Engineering – A civil engineer has to deal with the study related to construction, design and maintenance of physical and naturally built environments such as roads, dams, bridges, etc. They can join courses to gain mastery over TEKLA structural designer and AutoCAD, which would help enhance their technical skills and add a lot of value to their CVs.
  • Apart from enhancing the technical skills as per their fields, engineering students can also learn video editing, animation, photoshop, or even robotics that are gaining high demand in today’s date as they can help open different pathways for part-time as full-time jobs for the engineering students.

Anurag University is one of the best universities in Hyderabad for courses in Engineering, Pharmacy and Management having a well profound training and placement cell that is ready to provide adequate training and thus enable students to be industry-ready by encouraging the enhancement of their basic technical skillset as well as their soft skills.

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